Training: Palolo Pipeline Projects

The Palolo Pipeline includes Palolo Elementary School, Jarrett Middle School, Kaimuki High School, and Palolo ‘Ohana Learning Center. Each site has its own distinct intake process. Scroll down to find the site you’re interested in.

Palolo Elementary School*

At Palolo Elementary School,volunteers tutor/mentor kids – after school OR during school, with teacher guidance.

For all new prospective tutors/mentors EXCEPT those doing the Stock Market Project, you must attend ONE of the training sessions after registering online for service-learning (see the “Get Started” tab) **

When (Please attend ONE; no RSVP is needed):
All training sessions are from 3:30-4:30pm.
– Tuesday, January 22nd
– Friday, January 25th
– Wednesday, January 30th
– Thursday, January 31st
– Friday, February 15th

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to participate in a training that takes place after the registration due date, you should still register for S-L, print the connection form, and send an email to before the due date, indicating your site and your plans.

Where: Report to Palolo Elementary School’s library

No RSVP is needed for the pre-scheduled trainings. After registering for service-learning online, attend ONE of the training sessions with your Connection/Waiver form. Be on time. Complete & return this to the S-L office & pick up your timesheet.

* If you apply to tutor at Palolo Elementary, a background check may be administered by the school. The school’s application will be given out at orientation and completed on site.

** If you are a returning student, please contact Mrs. Clemons (733-4700); she needs your help as soon as possible. You do not have to go through training again.

*** For those who have scheduling conflicts with these orientations, please contact Mrs. Henrietta Clemons (733-4700).

Access the Stock Market Project intake process

Jarrett Middle School

Jarrett Middle School is open during and after school. Volunteers are generally expected to commit to serving 1-3 hours per week, for 8-10 weeks each semester. Specific requirements may apply to different volunteer opportunities at the school; for example, the Kulia All-Stars after-school program requires 20+ hours per semester.

Intake process for all Jarrett programs: Orientation/interviews are scheduled on an individual basis. Students must contact Ms. Kiera Vaeena, who will schedule volunteers according to their availability and service-learning focus. She may ask for a resume and/or interview, and a background check may be performed (with no cost to volunteers). Email after registering for service-learning online (see the “Get Started” tab). You will be scheduled for an orientation. Attend orientation with your Connection/Waiver form. Complete & return this to the S-L office & pick up your timesheet. Note that the background check process may take some time, so get started early in the semester and be sure to confirm any minimum service requirements for the area in which you’re volunteering.

Kaimuki High School

At Kaimuki High School students tutor students in-class in correspondence with their school schedule. Orientation is done on an individual basis. Regular weekly commitment required, with a minimum total of 25 hours per semester.

Special Projects are also welcome, based on your area of study/interests.

If you can make the commitment described, or if you have a special project to propose:

  1. Contact Mrs. Lisa Shimokawa at ASAP with your name, institution, class/instructor and your interests/special skills.
  2. She will set up a time for you to do an interview at the school and match you with a position at the school.
  3. Orientation/training takes place individually or in groups.
  4. Requirements: brief interview and causal-professional dress code.

Palolo ‘Ohana Learning Center (POLC)

Volunteers at Palolo ‘Ohana Learning Center can facilitate kids’ learning through several types of activities and programs at the POLC and the Hale, as described on the POLC info page (click the link above) A minimum of 12 hours of service per semester is required.

Training:  Complete the CUH online service-learning registration (See the “Get Started” tab.)
Then, simply attend one of the pre-scheduled orientation sessions listed below. No RSVP is required. Students who arrive late will not be allowed to complete the orientation session that day.
Bring your Chaminade S-L Connection/Waiver form (printed upon registering online) and a pen, when you go to orientation. Complete & return the form to the S-L office. You’ll then receive a timesheet to log your hours.

Pre-scheduled Trainings for Spring 2019
All trainings are located on the second floor of the main housing office at 2170 Ahe Street (the POLC).
1/22 Tuesday, 10-11:00am
1/22 Tuesday, 4-5:00pm
1/25 Friday, 10-11:00am
1/25 Friday, 4-5:00pm
1/28 Monday, 10-11:00am
1/28 Monday, 4-5:00pm
1/31 Thursday, 10-11:00am
1/31 Thursday, 4-5:00pm
2/1 Friday, 10-11:00am
2/1 Friday, 4-5:00pm
2/7 Thursday, 10-11:00am
2/7 Thursday, 4-5:00pm

If you have arranged to participate in a training that takes place after the registration due date, you should still register for S-L, print the connection form, and send an email to before the due date, indicating your site and your plans.

– All volunteers must show proof of TB clearance.
– The sex-offender registry will be checked for each prospective volunteer.
– CUH volunteers may be scheduled for supervised group activities without a more extensive background check. However, IF you would like to work one-on-one with kids at the POLC, with greater scheduling flexibility, you can opt to complete the following quick steps for clearance.
1.  Go to and log in.
2.  Review the video instructions.
3.  Perform the actual search on yourself.
4.  Purchase a certified report AND save it as a PDF. Note that this step involves a fee.
5.  Send the PDF to Dr. Ulla Hasager at If you have concerns about attaching/sending the document, email Dr. Hasager to determine how to proceed. DO NOT send your report to Chaminade or the POLC. Only Dr. Hasager is authorized to see your background check. If there is any need to consult with POLC/MHAH leadership, she will ask for your permission before sharing/discussing any part of the report.