Training: Shelter-Based Projects

IHS After-School Activities

For the IHS After-School Activities, training takes place before your first hours of service begin. Thereafter, the Family Specialist will give you instruction for each day’s activities. You should also talk with her at the end of each shift to debrief & get your timesheet signed.

Students please note: 12 hours of service is the minimum per semester, and you must commit to service for at least 3 months.
Trainings can generally be scheduled between 2:30-4:30 on weekdays (Tuesday-Friday; beginning 1:30 Wednesdays). Scheduling is done on an individual basis. ***AS WE ENTER THE 3RD WEEK IN THE TERM, IHS REPORTS THAT MOST SHIFTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN FILLED. THERE IS A CHANCE THAT WEDNESDAYS ARE STILL AVAILABLE.

To begin, register online for service-learning (see the “Get Started” tab), and print the Connection (waiver) form.

Then, apply to become a volunteer at IHS. On the application, be sure to share your relevant experience and mention that you are a current Chaminade service-learning student, interested in helping with the After-school Activities. Share your major/area of study. Be specific with your hours of availability as they correspond with the IHS service-shifts.
An IHS staff member will contact you to schedule training and service hours.

Questions can be directed to the IHS Volunteer Coordinator at (808) 447-2810.

Attend training/service with your Connection/Waiver form. Complete & return this to the S-L office & pick up your timesheet.


Next Step Shelter (CLOSED for Fall 2018)

For the keiki tutoring program and Next Step Homeless Shelter, 20 hours of service per semester is strongly encouraged.

Instructions for Making a Volunteer Commitment:
For any questions please CONTACT the S-L OFFICE.

After completing the CUH online S-L registration, send ONE email to — Share your name, course info (including instructor’s name), your weekly availability for volunteering (within these time frames: Sun/Mon/Tues. 5:30-7:30), and the reason why you’d like to choose Next Step as your service site. Also, tell us which pre-scheduled orientation you will be attending. The list is below. At least 2 days’ notice is required before attending an orientation.

You will receive a reply with instructions about attending orientation. For directions to the shelter, see our “Projects” page. Students who arrive late will not be allowed to complete the orientation session that day. Bring your Chaminade S-L Connection/Waiver form (printed upon registering online) when you go to orientation. Complete & return this to the S-L office. You’ll then receive a timesheet to log your hours.

Arrive at ORIENTATION by 4:45 pm. It will be held in the Keiki Corner of the Shelter.
[ no dates available for fall 2018 ]
(PLEASE PICK ONE. These dates are tentative, pending a sufficient number of volunteer RSVPs. We will confirm scheduling with you through the procedure described above.)

**There is a limited number of space available for tutors at Next Step; the sooner you get started, the more likely you’ll be accepted.


  • If you have plans to participate in a pre-scheduled training that takes place after the registration due date, you should still register online, print the connection form, and send an email to before the due date, indicating your site and your plans.
  • For planning/orchestrating special projects at Next Step, please email the CUH S-L Office and express your interest and ideas. After receiving approval, you must attend a Next Step Orientation, at which you can explore the possibilities or solidify the details with site supervisor, Mr. Kapua Tani or Nadine.
  • If you’ve already completed training and served at Next Step during a previous semester, contact The SL Office to return. You don’t need to repeat the training, but you need to secure a volunteer placement as early as possible; they are limited. Email with your first & last name, the semester when you previously completed training & service at Next Step, your current SL professor’s name and course information.