Waikiki Health Center – Friendly Neighbors Program

Area for elder visits: Atkinson Dr. to Diamond Head Rd. (Ala Moana to Kaimana Beach)

Office location: 935 Makahiki Way, Honolulu, HI 96826

Waikiki Friendly Neighbors offers basic assistance and companionship to elder adults, 60 years and older, who live in/near Waikiki.  Targeting those in need, the individualized services help elders continue leading independent, fulfilled lives in their own homes. Volunteers commit to 10+ hours of service to one client on a weekly basis, in 1-2 hour increments.

Examples of services include:

  • friendly visits and phone calls
  • help with shopping and errands
  • reading mail
  • light housework
  • meal preparation

If your client needs help going to medical appointments, running errands, etc., please use public transportation (ie: bus, handi-van, taxi) to accompany him/her. You AND your client are not allowed to be passengers in each other’s vehicles.

Benefits:   This organization will give you an opportunity to build a myriad of skills. This is a very intimate opportunity to enter into the world of a senior and build a relationship. Great for students with maturity and willingness tohelp.

Challenges:  If your availability does not mesh well with your senior’s, you may have difficulty setting up your service. Patience, flexibility, and persistence as imperative. Remember that every experience – including those times when you can’t reach your senior – are opportunities for learning and critical inquiry.  The time spent doing service is not “structured;” so it helps when volunteers take initiative and remain creative and open-minded.. Although this may be challenging for some, we hope that you’ll view it as an arena for flexibility, understanding, and leadership.Site Supervisor, Ms. Ruchita Chand, will work with each applicant to find a placement. Follow these procedures ASAP, to expedite your placement.

  1. After obtaining approval from your professor for placement at this site, complete the SL registration and Community Connection Form. “Waikiki Friendly Neighbors” is your Project/Site.  When you meet with Ruchita, you can get it signed. Be sure to obtain a timesheet/evaluation form for SL. These are given out by the SL Office upon receipt of completed Connection Forms.
  2. Print out & complete the organization’s application form.
    FN New Volunteer Application Form
    You can choose to mail it, or email it to Waikiki Health. (See handbook)
  3. Read the Friendly Neighbors Volunteer Handbook

Email or call the Elderly Services Facilitator, Ms. Ruchita Chand:  friendlyneighbors@waikikihealth.org or (808) 926-8032. You must schedule a meeting to go through a short orientation. Follow her instructions to set up service with your assigned elder. Be prepared to share your availability, to facilitate scheduling.

To access:

  • FN New Volunteer Application Form
  • Friendly Neighbors Volunteer Handbook

log-on to the Chaminade portal.  Need help accessing your account? Visit the client services website for instructions.