NUR291: Health Promotion

Papakolea and Nursing

The community leaders of Papakolea conducted a health needs assessment of their Native Hawaiian Homestead residents. Based on the results, project ideas emerged. Their focus is to promote ‘ohana health and aging-in-place safely, enabling the community to remain whole, while providing education and access to healthcare.

After participating in the valuable training opportunities provided by our respected partners, you should complete 8 hours of direct service with Papakolea. (An additional 2 hours of service will be awarded by your professor, after participating in an on-campus health-related activity.)

Wear your community uniform for all service activities EXCEPT the garden, where you can wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Be sure to bring your timesheet with you each time you serve.

Overview of SL Activities

You will be scheduled for activities during your training sessions. The following info is tentative; final info will be given by our partners.

1. ‘Ohana Health Fair
This annual event for the community will be held at Lincoln Elementary School on Saturday, March 3, 2018. There may be opportunities to develop health education-related activities for participants, work closely with kupuna, and/or participate in pre-arranged activities.

Help is needed to set up for the fair beforehand, to assist with implementation, and to help with break-down/clean-up. (Fair is held from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.) Specific shifts will be discussed during training. Other limited opportunities for supporting the Health Fair may also be available. A pre-fair meeting may also be held, to brief volunteers.

Check in with Ms. Cappy Solatorio at the school.

Location: 615 Auwaiolimu St. Honolulu, HI 96813

2. Community Garden
Near the neighborhood’s schools, there is a 60′ x 80′ Community Garden, and it’s growing in the name of food sustainability. Harvests are for the kupuna, but as the garden grows, it will also serve the resource needs of the Community Kitchen and the entrepreneurial ventures of the residents. The health of community is tied to health of the land.

For Spring 2018, community garden work days are on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month, from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (early, so that you’ll be done before it gets too hot!) All students will be scheduled for at least one garden activity.


3. Lamaku After-School Program – Mentoring/Tutoring
The health of our communities is tied to our keiki; education is critical. Building literacy and math skills in keiki and ‘opio (children and teens/youth) can ultimately help with the overall health of families. Opportunities are available during each school day.
Help youth with homework at this drop-in center. Shifts are available between 2-6pm, Mondays through Thursdays. A Doodle sign-up will be conducted; choose the week you’ll participate. During that week, you can show up for 4 hours on one day, or 2 hours on each of 2 days)

Site Supervisor: Ms. ‘Iolani (Be sure to complete check-in AND check-out with Ms. ‘Iolani for each shift, or your participation may not be logged.)
Where: 2150 Tantalus Drive, Papakolea Community Center (at Papakolea Park), first floor library.


4. Health Promotion/Screenings
In addition to the projects listed above, there may also be opportunities to help with screenings at sites within the area.


Papakolea’s leadership is offering our students the gift of their mana’o. Cultural competency, an understanding of community, perspective on the contexts for healthcare and public health nursing, and our respective roles are learning objectives of their training sessions. These lessons will be invaluable for students throughout their study of nursing, in future service-learning in their careers. Some of the training curriculum modules include:

  • Native Hawaiian health
  • Aging in Hawai’i
  • Cultural competence in health care
  • Cultural trauma
  • People and cultures of Hawai’i

Although the training sessions usually add up to 14 hours, they will be condensed for you. You MUST participate in the session/s, and watch the Papakolea video prior to training.

For 2018, session/s will be scheduled during class time. Special readings and “homework” material will be shared beforehand. Please complete everything before the training, and bring your homework.

Students, please note:
Registration for SL will be done FOR YOU by the Service-Learning Office.
You will be given a connection form to sign, by your professor/s.
NO hard-copy timesheets will be used, so be sure that each site supervisor has documented your participation.
We suggest keeping your own records (e.g.: time-stamped selfies at the sites) as back-up