MA 107 Service-Learning

“The best way to learn math is to teach it.” Service-learning provides “real world” connections to the classroom; it looks great on your resume, and it helps to foster civic and corporate responsibility. It also brings much-needed support to struggling communities. Commit to ONE of these sites by following the instructions specific to the site.

FOR ALL SITES, be sure to explain to the site coordinator that you are focusing on MATH tutoring.

Project Options

A)  Math tutoring at Palolo Elementary School
1- to 2-hour shifts between 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. during any school day OR 2:10 pm – 3:15 pm on Mon/Tue/Thur/Fridays
Be sure to attend a pre-scheduled training if you have never tutored at Palolo Elementary. Returnees can start immediately, by arrangement with Mrs. Clemons. The school needs LOTS of volunteers! Learn more about this site.

B)  Math tutoring at Jarrett Middle School
1- to 2-hour shifts between 8:30 am – 1:30 pm during the school day. Placement will be contingent on your availability matching the needs of Jarrett’s math teachers.
Get started early in the term; intake requires clearing a background check, which may take a bit of time. Learn more about this site.

C) Mentoring with the Stock Market Game
Palolo 4th- and 5th-graders participate each semester in the Stock Market Game. CUH students serve as mentors for the kids, getting to know them and encouraging them to set constructive goals. The Game is a means of facilitating this relationship-building and teaching academic concepts in a fun setting. Help kids learn to find answers to their questions online (responsible and cautious use of the internet), learn about ratios, fractions, and basic math, and learn to make ethical decisions. This term, participants have the opportunity to win medals and other prizes. Nursing students in MA107 have served as the “stars” of this project; please join us this semester!

8 Monday sessions, 2:15-3:30 at Palolo Elementary Library. (This will suffice for your 10-hour requirement for MA107).

One 30-60 minute training session will be scheduled (TBD). If you want to participate, send an email to BY FEBRUARY 5, 2018. State your name, mention MA107, and explain any prior understanding/experience related to the stock market. No experience is necessary. Learn more about this award-winning program.

D)  Math Tutoring/Mentoring at the Palolo ‘Ohana Learning Center (POLC)
In the heart of Palolo Valley, this beautiful facility is on the second floor of the Mutual Housing administration building. A variety of programs are available for kids and adults; your help is needed in tutoring math and helping with math homework.
The POLC is open Monday-Friday from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Choose one 2-hour shift per week and serve a minimum of 12 hours per semester.
Attend one training session before serving at this site. The pre-set dates are slightly later in the term, and may occur after the CUH Service-Learning Connection Form’s due date. This isn’t a problem. If you are planning on serving at the POLC, send an email to and explain which training you will attend. Then, you may turn in your Connection Form after your training.

E) Continuing commitment at your site from NUR190
In NUR190 last term, IF you did service at a site that offers tutoring/mentoring support related to math, you can continue your commitment to that site by doing math-related tutoring/mentoring. You must adhere to the site’s requirements, but you should not need to repeat any training or orientation sessions. For example, Kaimuki High School or IHS may be able to place you in an appropriate role this term, IF you have fulfilled a commitment with them last term. Contact your site to inquire about the possibility.


You must choose a site from the list above. Absolutely no “double-dipping” in any capacity – your 10 hours must be done exclusively for this course. ONLY if you are doing 20+ hours of service-learning this term, you may count these 10 hours for more than one course.

If it’s your first time as a volunteer at the site you choose, you will need to attend training according to site policy. Training time does not count as “hours” but will be useful to you. Don’t miss the pre-scheduled trainings.

Connection Forms will be disseminated through your professor. Because of this special arrangement, online registration is only needed if you are doing service-learning for more than one course. You must complete any training necessary, obtain your site supervisor’s signature, submit your Connection Form to the Service-Learning Office (Hale Hoaloha 104), and pick up a timesheet BY 2/6/2018. Timesheets are due BEFORE 4/24/2018, UNLESS your program ends after that date.

Reflection Paper Requirements

Grading will be based on the learning demonstrated through your reflection paper. Before reflections are graded, you MUST complete 10+ hours of service and receive good/excellent evaluations from your site supervisor. Your paper should be in APA format.

How did the service experience help you achieve the course learning objectives stated in your syllabus?

Explicitly state which learning objectives you achieved, and explain the connection to specific experiences during your service.

Also, describe how the service experience contributed to your understanding of:

  • the importance of a basic knowledge of mathematical concepts and accuracy
  • the role of nurses as educators
  • the effects of culture, socioeconomic status, and learning styles on student learning
  • the value of helping others to learn and grow

Summarize your paper on one powerpoint slide. Submit a copy of your paper AND slide to