Hospice Projects

Chaminade professor Peter Steiger teaches philosophy courses, through which students have a specially arranged opportunity to serve at St. Francis Hospice and Hospice Hawai’i. Those who wish to participate must go through an application/interview process for the limited number of volunteer positions.

Students discover the “real world” applications of the theoretical, reflecting on the meaning of life and death.  One PH 100 student says, “Service-learning has allowed me to realize that philosophy doesn’t have to be a complicated and tedious subject. By serving at Hospice Hawai’i, I have come to appreciate philosophy at a deeper and more personal level. At first, I saw it as a useless subject that didn’t have any relation to real life in modern times. This whole service experience has shown me philosophy’s relevance.”

In April 2009, Professor Steiger and student Johanna Kuwazaki presented their service-learning project at the Continuums of Service Conference in Seattle, Washington. The team’s proposal about its work at local hospice programs, through philosophy courses at Chaminade, was chosen from a large pool of applicants

Volunteer opportunities are also available for those NOT in Dr. Steiger’s program. Each site has standard volunteer requirements and procedures that will apply.

Check out St. Francis Hospice and Hospice Hawai’i for more information to get involve!