Field Surveying Projects

Dr. Richard Border (Professor of Geography and Anthropology) leads this project, along with co-investigators Dr. Man (Sociology) and Dr. Grabowsky (Environmental Studies). Students of all three professors may participate, as assigned in course syllabi.

State Parks Field Trip Requirements

General Requirements
The work will be hot and possibly dangerous. You will not be able to see the ground frequently due to heavy vegetation; much of the project area consists of loose material; given the low vegetation there won’t be anything to hang onto to keep your balance; and there will be some interesting members of the human species in the area. You must be in good shape–we are walking on relatively dangerous terrain in hot conditions. Given the vegetation you must be able to clamber around on your own without assistance.

Remember that you have to complete 3 field trips to use this project for your Service-Learning project in my classes, ALONG with a written analysis/summary of your experiences.

You MUST register with Service-Learning and get the Service-Learning waiver signed.

Field Equipment Requirements (minimum)

  1. Appropriate clothing: you need some sun/plant protection
  2. Shirt top–I would recommend long sleeve for protection, but if you’re willing to get scratched up a t-shirt will be OK.
    Tank tops or more exposed clothing is a very bad idea.
  3. Shoes–preferably hiking boots or at least ‘hi-top’ sneakers/athletic shoes. You must have real closed shoes or you won’t be allowed on the field trip.
  4. Gloves–a pair of gardening gloves (leather palm) are recommended–that way if you grab something with thorns you may survive the experience.
  5. Eye protection–you MUST have eye protection. Sunglasses are fine, if not then protective clear lenses (for construciton work) that you can get at City Mill or Ace.
  6. Water–you WILL get hot and thirsty. Make sure it buckles on to something, as you will need both hands free.
  7. Sunscreen–I would recommend a high SPF, waterproof type.
  8. Hat–strongly recommended.

Field Trip Hours
All are from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Mandatory Meeting
TBA. Contact Professor Bordner for more information.
We will go over the requirements for the project and do initial training.
We will not have time during the field days.
You must also sign the waiver.

Ka’iwi State Park Project (starting Spring 2011)
A cultural/environmental inventory of Ka’iwi State Park will begin in Spring 2011.

Diamond Head Project (completed as of Spring 2010)
As an interdisciplinary service-learning project, The Diamond Head Field Survey conducts detailed recording and analysis of physical landscapes and surface features that provide insight into past human activities on the outer slopes of the crater.  The project also attempts to “demarcate persistent microenvironments and remnant vegetation from past human landscapes and indigenous vegetation.”

After training, students participate in about 5 field trips per semester, using GPS and other instruments to do quality data collection.  Formal reports with appropriate synthesis and analyses of findings are generated for State Parks staff.

*As of 2010, work has been completed at Diamond Head.  Until our community partners determine additional work is needed at other sites, other service-learning projects will be available to students in these classes.