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A Collection of Successful Syllabus Submissions

Nursing 190: Introduction to Nursing Syllabus

Course Instructors: Jeanette Peterson, MSN, RN (Course Coordinator), Denise Cooper MSN; Stephanie Genz, EdD, R.N.; Sarah Jarvis MS, RN; Patricia Kiladis, PhD, M.S. R.N.; Edna Magpantay-Monroe, EdD. A.P.R.N.; Catherine Ryan, DNP, RN, CNM, CNE.

Why this syllabus is a great example:

  • Learning outcomes for S-L,
  • Clear instructions on how to get started,
  • Due dates,
  • Explicit reflection guidelines,
  • Rubric for grading reflection,
  • Class time allocated for introducing S-L assignment and for discussion about S-L experience,
  • In addition, policies and expectations are¬†handed out.
  • These outline approved projects and rules for counting hours for multiple S-L classes, etc.

PH 100 (Pete Steiger) won the “Wet Feet” Syllabus Contest in 2007.

Other successful contest submissions:

  • ED 635 (Richard Kido)
  • RE 461 (Poranee Natadecha-Sponsel)

More outstanding examples of well-integrated S-L syllabi:

  • PSY 101 (Dorothy Bach)
  • AC 306 (Wayne Tanna)
  • ED 280 (Amanda Street)
  • CJ-RE 332 (Nani Lee)

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