S-L Courses: Professors, Past and Present

Behavioral Sciences/Environmental Science (AN, CJ, GE, ENV, PSY, SO)
School of Business & Communication (AC, BUS, COM, CS, EC, MBA, MKT)
Humanities (EN, HI, ID, PAR, PH, RE)
Education (ED)
Natural Sciences and Mathematics (BI, MA, NUR)

Behavioral Sciences

Joseph Allen
CJ 291: Juvenile Justice System
CJ 332: Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJ 491: Juvenile Deviancy and Juvenile Justice

Dorothy Bach
PSY 101: General Psychology
PSY 202: Child Development

Richard Bordner
AN 200: Cultural Anthropology
AN 340: People of Hawai’i
AN 350: Cultures of Oceania
AN 357: East Asian Studies
AN 360: Native North American Cultures
GE 102: World Regional Geography
GE 103: Human Geography
GE 204: Landscapes of Hawai’i

Tim Ficklin
PSY 101: General Psychology

Dale Fryxell
PSY 321: Psychology of Personality
PSY 322: Social Psychology

Gail Grabowsky
ENV 100: Introduction to Environmental Issues
ENV 115: Marine Environmental Science
ENV 201: Conservation Biology and Ecology
ENV 380: ST: Global Warming: Fact, Fiction and the Future
ENV 380: ST: Renewable Energy Options
ENV 400: Current Global Environmental Issues

Darren Iwamoto
PSY 101: General Psychology

Bryan Man
SO 200: Introduction to Sociology
SO 308: Social Problems
SO 311: Marriage and the Family
SO 331: Chinese in the U.S.

Frankin Minami
ENV 202: Environmental Physics

Irene Mulford (Only 3-6 hours required)
PSY 200: Life Span Development
PSY 327: Career Development

School of Business & Communication

Barbara Belle
CS 103: Computer Software Applications

Peggy Friedman
MKT 301: Principles of Marketing
MKT 433: Services Marketing
MKT 438: Marketing Information
MKT 439: Consumer Behavior
MKT 440: Strategic Marketing

Rusty Kent
COM 380: Photography in Education

Nolan Kido
AC 201: Principles of Accounting I
AC 202: Principles of Accounting II
BU 200: Intro to Business

Richard Kido
AC 302: Intermediate Accounting II
AC 404: Auditing
MBA 770: Accounting Information Systems

Danielle Lum
COM 375: Introduction to PR

Paul Masters
EC 202: Principles of Microeconomics

Barbara Poole-Street
EC 201: Principles of Macroeconomics
EC 202: Principles of Microeconomics
EC 313: Contemporary Economic Issues

Wayne Tanna
AC 202: Principles of Managerial Accounting
AC 306: Tax Concepts
BU 200: Introduction to Business
BU 362: Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
BU 470: Senior Field Experience
COM 433: Media Law and Ethics
ENV 300: Environmental Policy Law
MBA 778: Corporate Taxation

Humanities and Fine Arts

Father Jim Bartlett
RE 326: Christian Prayer

Lilia Castle
RE 103: World Religions
HI 152: World Civilizations II
HI 324: Modern Europe
HI 332: Medieval Life and Thought
PH 105: Ethics

David Coleman
RE/PH 473: Holocaust

Jill Dahlman (no longer at Chaminade)
EN 101: Intro to Expository Writing

Paul Fitzpatrick
RE 205: Christian God and Human Experience

Mary Anne Gagnon
RE 324: Sexuality in Christian Life

Meredith Lee (no longer at Chaminade)
EN 101: Introduction to Expository Writing

Deborah Lowry
ID 382: Historic Preservation
ID 416: Senior Studio Commercial

Bro. Gary Morris (Extra Credit ONLY)
EN 201: Types of Literature
EN 102: Expository Writing
PAR 102: Intro to Motion Pictures

Poranee Natadecha-Sponsel
PH 100: Introduction to Philosophy
RE 360: Zen Buddhism
RE 431: Environmental Ethics
RE 460: Buddhist Wisdom
RE 461: Zen: Self, Being, and Time

Regina Pfeiffer
RE 103: World Religions
RE 324: Sexuality in Christian Life
RE 324: Sacramental Life Patterns
RE 326: Christian Prayer
RE 359: India: Crossroads of Religions
RE 380: India: Crossroads of Religions
RE 487: Community Service Internship

Joan Riggs
ID 317: Universal Design
ID 417: Residential Design Studio

Peter Steiger
PH 100: Introduction to Philosophy

Kay Stone
RE 211: The Bible: Ancient Texts, Modern Applications
RE 336: Ethics of Leadership


Sheri Fitzgerald
MA 105: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
ED 324: Elementary Science Methods

Margaret Mize
ED 200: Introduction to Education (also taught by David Jelinek with Service-Learning Component)
ED 413: Children’s Literature
ED 415: Teaching Reading in the Elementary School
ED 321 (formerly ED 320/418): Elementary Language Arts Methods
ED 460: Introduction to Exceptional Children
ED 617/727: Strategies for Reading Instruction in the Elementary School
ED 653/728: Developing Fluent Readers and Writers

Elizabeth Park
ED297: Early Childhood Field Experience

Mary Smith
ED 326 (formerly ED 460): Introduction to Exceptional Children
ED 450: Music, Art, and Creative Movement for Teachers

Amanda Street (now Amanda Aldridge)
ED 280: Observation and Assessment of Young Children
ED 306: Psychological Foundations of Education
ED 490: Student Teaching Seminar
ED 686: Seminar for Elementary Student Teachers

Lorene Unten
ED 326: Introduction to Exceptional Children

Mary Valdez
ED 220: Educational Foundations

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Teena Michael (no longer at Chaminade)
BI 101: General Biology I
BI 102: General Biology II
BI 210: Biological Techniques
BI 341: General Botany
BI 499: Directed Senior Research

James Miller
MA 100: Survey of Mathematics
MA 110: Pre-Calculus

Eiko Tyler (no longer at Chaminade)
MA 103: College Algebra
MA 110: Pre-Calculus
MA 210: Calculus I
MA 211: Calculus II

School of Nursing

Ellen Akaka
NUR 291: Health Promotion

Stephanie Genz
NUR 190: Introduction to Nursing
NUR 290: Nursing Concepts

Sarah Jarvis
NUR 290: Nursing Concepts, Research Projects

Tiffanie Kanayama
NUR 290: Nursing Concepts

Edna Magpantay-Monroe
NUR 290: Nursing Concepts

Jeanette Peterson
NUR 290: Nursing Concepts