Welcome to Service-Learning

At Chaminade University,

Service-learning is a method by which students learn through active participation in thoughtfully organized service conducted in and meeting the needs of the community. Service-learning is integrated into and enhances the academic curriculum. It includes structured means for reflection on the service experience and helps to foster civic and corporate responsibility. As a pedagogy, service-learning emerges from experiential learning theory and encourages active student involvement in the learning process.

We are honored to have received a Presidential Award, the highest federal recognition a college or university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning, and civic engagement. Most recently, we proudly brought home the Western Region Engaged Campus Award. (Read more…)

Service-Learning Logo
Service-Learning Logo
Service-Learning Logo
Service-Learning Logo

Why do we do service-learning?

Service-learning is Chaminade’s Mission Statement in action. It . . .

  • “offers its students an education in a collaborative learning environment”
  • “prepares them for life, work and service”
  • “encourages the development of moral character and personal competencies, and the commitment to build a just and peaceful society”
  • “offers the civic and church communities of the Pacific region its academic and intellectual resources in the pursuit of common aims”

Service-learning helps to bridge the “real world” and the classroom. Research, both locally and nationwide, has shown that service-learning is effective as a method of teaching and as a means of learning. It helps improve students’ grades, test scores, attendance, and self-confidence. It builds critical thinking and communication skills and fosters civic engagement, while allowing students to test and apply what they are learning in the classroom.

As a Marianist institution, we seek to grow into Jesus’ spirit of service; His life was a life of service to all humankind. He demonstrated the imperative to love one another. In striving to follow this example, we encourage service-learning.